Gym is as much for the mind as your body!

Every body automatically thinks that going to the gym is all about improving your body , losing a bit of fat or building a bit of muscle ! Right !

You also hear now again about how endorphin’s are released and they can improve your mental attitude and indeed make you in some cases feel happy ! Right!

But what I want to talk about is the strength going to a gym/fitness club can give you when you are going through a bad time in your life!

Most of us at some point in our lives goes through a bad time be it a divorce or a loved one maybe has a illness or you are just run down with life . This is when you have to dig deep in life and get “through it ” somehow.

Well this is what fitness/bodybuilding/team sports can help more than people know,for many different reasons. I can only give you examples from my own life as it would be wrong to talk about others but like everyone I have had my own share of bad luck and upset¬† some brought on by self but a lot that was not my fault that has knocked me for six and took me to lowest places you could get to,if you want to call it a name lets call it “depression”.

I am no tougher or weaker than the next person as I believe that everyone has the ability in side to deal with everything thrown at you its just how we work out how we are going to deal with things!

This is where the gym comes in for me!

The gym is my place to go feel better in myself , by trying to hit my goals which are to get stronger , bigger to aid in my hobby of building ,the gym is what gives me structure i.e. not sat at home eating chocolate feeling sorry for myself which would make me worse, the gym is where I have friends (which i wouldn’t of met without joining the gym) , the gym is the place where no matter what is happening in my world I can go in side and forget about it for a hour or so! There is no alcohol in the gym so you can not drown your sorrows and make your problems worse!

Again as i said in my last blog I babble on a bit so I will some up what I suppose I am trying to say . The gym has saved me and got me through tough dark times that yes I hope I would of got through them if I didn’t go to the gym but hey I know I definitely got through them a lot quicker and easier with the gym than if had nothing healthy to focus on!

So if it is just a little bit of cardio three times a week or you want to play for your local rugby team or if you want to be the next champion power lifter , go for it and remember you are doing more than just improving your body or hitting your goals you are doing something that could improve your mind and soul and help you when you didn’t think you could be helped or know how to help your self!!!!

Rich Gannon

RG Fitness

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