Mr Britain 2018

After years of training I finally achieved one of my dreams of winning the NABBA Mr Britain. It still hasn’t sunk in and not sure it ever will. I still struggle to put into words what it means to me so I have decided to copy a piece a good friend John King of Muscletricks wrote about me and the day.

Richard Gannon muscle tricks athlete has added another title to his list by winning the NABBA Mr Britain in Southport.

NABBA, the original body building federation has been doing its thing since 1948 when the first event was put on by the Legend that is John Grimek. Since this day the event has boasted the best body builders to step foot on stage including The Mighty Oak himself Arnold!

Richard qualified for the Britain when he won the NABBA UK held in his hometown of Castleford, where he won not only his class but the overall title along side.

Supported by family and friends Rich walked on the stage his usual modest self ,hoping to place top six at the very least. What happened was a completely different story!

I had looked Richard over earlier on in the day, he felt flat and tired but as he posed vascularity began to show that I had seen on Richards physique in the past. This was going to prove to be a very different Richard Gannon on stage this year. After an in depth discussion with Richards prep coach Joe Taylor Ferguson of, who happens to be a close friend,  I soon understood why Rich was looking so much better than previous shows. Preps like this are meticulously planned and are the result of several years of working alongside many winning athletes.

First call out and we were all glued to our seats in nervous anticipation and excitement. Standing alongside the other athletes I could compare Rich and take notes myself as always and generally I will always get the placings very close if not bang on the money. Rich was not called out with the first group! The air in the Gannon camp changed from its previous electric charged moment to one of disbelief. Its not over yet, head held high and carry on, lets see where this takes us! Later in a shock call out of what appeared the top three, Richard stood alongside athletes who were of world class caliber, Rich looking more conditioned and fuller than everyone else. Rich displayed a balance that I personally know, has been one of the most worked on aspects of the last 12 months he stood out amongst everyone on stage!

As the results were called we were convinced this was Team muscle tricks year!

We were right a shocked and as per usual very modest winner Richard Gannon was announced.

Muscletricks first met Richard Gannon way back in 2011 at our favourite local bodybuilding show THE OPEN YORKSHIRE CLASSIC {OYC}. It was clear to see that this was a man who would one day stand in front of us as a serious competitor for a Universe title! We immediately noticed Richards potential with thick dense muscle being one thing that made this athlete stand out from the muscular crowd.

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