New Year New You!

                                                                                                                                                                              We are now 3 weeks in to 2018, which is when all those new year resolutions of getting fit or losing a bit of weight by maybe eating a little healthier that we had good intentions of sticking to start to fade into the darkness for another year!   We all have done it and we all probably will do it again, but WHY?

Some of the reasons are that we just simply can not be bothered or we struggle to make the time to fit a little exercise in or maybe although some might really want to do it , just haven’t got the confidence to actually go into a gym and give it a go.

These are just some reasons I know , but what ever the barrier that is blocking you from making even the slightest change to what ever you wanted to change in your life you need to find the strength  or a way to knock it down!

The older you get I am sure you will all agree that the days go by faster and the weeks fly by and before you know it you are seeing in another new year making the same resolutions as the year before but also thinking  if only id stuck to it last year!

So I guess in short the point I am trying to make is !!! (you will get used to my babbling)  Do not wait another year guys to change what you deep down want to change now !!!

This time next year you can sit back and instead of wishing you had done it you can actually look back and be proud you have done it !

Rich Gannon


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