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Please use the Free calorie counter to work out the number of calories you need to eat to maintain your current weight.

Increase your maintenance number  by 500 calories if you are bulking

Or reduce by 500 calories if you’re dieting with a goal of 1 pound weight loss per week. ( reduce by 1000 calories a day if you are attempting to lose 2 pounds of body weight per week )

* Please make a note of your adjusted daily calories and quote this number in the notes section of the checkout so I can work out your diet to this exact amount.  *



*  If you have any special dietary requirements/allergies and or foods you personally don’t like and do not want including in your diet please also list them in the notes section of the checkout along with your target daily calorie amount. Please also specify if you would like a vegetarian or vegan diet plan *

All diet plans will be created within 24hrs of receiving payment. Diet plans will be emailed to you in an easy to read and print format. ( Providing you included calorie totals and diet requirements in the notes section of the checkoutThanks -Rich Gannon 🙂


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